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Incident Investigation

Did you have an incident, but don’t know how to respond? We are police officer who have the experience to investigate the root causes and implement an action plan for individual employees.

We do this every day

LEAD Impairment is made up of active and retired law enforcement, who can provide an expert investigation into both accidents and near-misses. 

1:1 Consultations to prevent further harm

After we establish the root cause, we will work with employees directly to change their habits and put them on an improvement plan. 


100 Years in Law Enforcement Transitioned into Corporate Settings

Trusted by Law Enforcement

We have been the sole provider to the Colorado Police force in drug recognition for over 10 years. Why settle for less?

Real Life Experience

Our courses are built from actual person to person contacts with people under the influence. We don't teach anything that is not practical or realistic.

Always up to date

We don't rely on outdated textbooks and neither should your impairment program. Our curriculum and practices are constantly refreshed based on the drugs being used today - and how they are actually being used.  

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