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Introducing L-Tracs for Certification Tracking

A simple, robust, and self-populating online system to track expiring certifications

Many Law Enforcement Agencies struggle to keep track of the various certifications that officers need to hold. Who is current on their certifications or when do they need to get retrained? This increases the risk of losing vital trained resources. When the certification is highly technical or advanced like the Drug Recognition Expert certification, it is even more important to make sure the few that have it stay current.


Lead Impairment Training is able to ease this burden by offering an online certificate tracking system. Officers never fall out of compliance because it is painfully easy for all stakeholders to know their status: the individual, the agency, and the state.

Do these problems sound familiar?
  • Losing credentials

    • Officers go past a certification expiration date which disqualifies them from making arrests. Officers might not even know when the certification is expiring, let alone where to get recertified.

  • Tracking wholistic certification status across the state

    • Tracking the certifications for an agency and remind the right officers is an immense administrative overhead. There is no reliable source of truth for who has a valid certification.

  • Focusing on training the right people at the right time.

    • Training events are held in convenient locations like the biggest cities, instead of at the best time or location for maximum impact. Remote agencies never seem to get the training they need. Training events should be based on who needs it and where it is needed, across city or agency boundaries.

  • Finding an instructor for in-person evaluation

    • Officers have to complete on the job evaluations with an instructor present for technical certifications like Drug Recognition Expert, but it is hard to find a local instructor in the moment. The spreadsheet they might have is outdated and incomplete.

Sample Screenshot.png

A sample screenshot of a participant's profile in the L-Tracs system.

A solution that is:
  • Delightfully simple

  • Designed for reliability

  • Self populating

Enables you to:
  • Gain confidence the right people are trained

  • Reduce risk of decertification and loss of resources

  • Optimize resources throughout the state

  • Save administrative costs

LEAD helps you reduce the risk of decertification and save administrative time and costs
Track all certifications as the source of truth in a robust, cloud managed database
Show a report card for each officer, clearly laying out certification status and when it will expire
Provide a state-wide map view of the deployment of trained resources to agencies
Help participants find the nearest available instructors on a map

100 Years in Law Enforcement Transitioned into Corporate Settings

Trusted by Law Enforcement

We have been the sole provider to the Colorado Police force in drug recognition for over 10 years. Why settle for less?

Real Life Experience

Our courses are built from actual person to person contacts with people under the influence. We don't teach anything that is not practical or realistic.

Always up to date

We don't rely on outdated textbooks and neither should your impairment program. Our curriculum and practices are constantly refreshed based on the drugs being used today - and how they are actually being used.  

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